Kakes & Thangs

Mini Cake Boxes

Our new addition to our Kakes & Thangs menu!!! Mini Cake Boxes!!

Our Mini Cake Boxes and Desserts are called Kakes & Thangs that is named after my niece.

We have worked together to create these awesome new dessert boxes and since it’s her birthday it’s the perfect time to share it.

Pick 5 cake flavors below to create the ultimate cake variety box. You can get all one flavor or 5 different.

Click the link below to preorder!

Flavors Of Kakes & Thangs

Choose our delicious flavors below.

Chocolate w/ chocolate or vanilla icing
Vanilla w/ chocolate or vanilla icing
Red Velvet
German chocolate
Italian cream **contains nuts**
Banana Bread Pudding Cake **contains nuts**
7up praline **contains nuts**